Rap gigs, metal gigs, alternative music, poetry, improv, stand up comedy, theatre, short film screenings and many other kinds of gigs take place at Above the Habitat. Equipped with state of the art lighting and sound gear, the venue is the perfect place to hold a gig of any kind.

This space is known for it’s recording services as several live shows can be found taking place having live taping or live recording mentioned such as Son Of Abish, Amazon Prime Video Stand Up Specials, Aisi Taisi Democracy, other standup comedy acts, and shoots for advertisements of several commercial brands.

Stage dimensions: 27 ft by 12ft, 18 inches height

Venue capacity: 160 people seated at max capacity in theatre style and 250 people standing

Venue dimensions: The room is 60 feet long (inclusive of stage and bar counter) and 32 feet wide.

An adjacent Smoking zone is also available.

Stage Lighting:

  1. 4 Warm white 54 par leds facing stage
  2. 3 rgb 54 par leds from stage backdrop on stage
  3. 1 DMX 512 Light Controller

Front of House(Particulars Of PA System)

  1. 2 Tops mounted in front of the stage area – 2xQSC K12.2
  2. 2 Tops set as Rear Fills 2xQSC K12 (total 6000W on Tops)
  3. 4 Sub Woofers (4000W)


– A PA system of 2 speakers + 1 sub-woofer + 32 Ch. Digital mixer
– Corded vocal mics, lapel mics, headset mics
– Line outs for laptops and DJ console.
– Live music (singer songwriter & bands) performances
– Recording capabilities for all of the above (stereo & multi-track)
– 2 Canon 80D (18-135 lens)
– 1 Canon 80D (18-55 lens)
– Additional equipment available on call
– In house videographers & editors available


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